Apaki of Crete is on the most exquisite delicatessens tasty, strongly, flavored, delightful and with a smoked essence. It’s a natural traditional product with no preservatives and its delicious taste derives from the fine vinegar and aromatic herbs of Crete. The original traditional Apaki of Crete is made of pork tenderloin and thus, in the right quantity, it is considered a good nutritional choice. Apaki of Crete contains vitamin B, niacin, zinc, potassium, iron and magnesium, protein and sodium (salt). A thin slice (28-30gr) has around 35 calories. It can be served plain, fried or a bit warmed up with a good company and fine raki or wine. It successfully constitutes the base in pasta sauce, enflavour any soup, pizza, various salads and even omelets!

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