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One rainy day, we were walking through Zandvoort and a traditional dance caught our attention. There were Greek dancers outside a restaurant called Filoxenia Greek Cuisine. We immediately got very impressed by the cheerful mood that was been created. Eventually we decided that we had to enter and try out the restaurant’s cuisine and besides we got very lucky because it was the only day of that month that by chance we came accross this specific event. We noticed that in most tables there was spinach pie served and our desire to taste it rose up. We also ordered octapus in vinegar, filled peppers and dolmades and we wanted to try various starters, as it was very hard to choose. The spinach pie was exceptional and that’s why it was on all the tables. The perfect crust, among with the delicious fill made the pie unique in its kind. The octopus was very tasty too! It had a sent of Greece and the combination with the rest of the starters made our experience outstanding. For the main course we ordered veal with orzo pasta (giouvetsi) and rib chops. The giouvetsi was finely cooked, the veal was soft and made our palate go crazy. The rib chops was a dish that we had tried before but this time they were crispy and at the same time juicy, simply the best.
When we finished eating, we ordered baklava for desert. There are simply no words to describe the alluring taste. We were in fact full but we couldn’t resist this desert and we just kept on enjoying our final pieces.
It was a wonderful night with Greek music, and we felt a delightful sensation of fulfillment in our stomach.

We highly recommend Filoxenia Restaurant. Bon appetit!
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