Global Women’s Day

The nutrients are necessary for each woman, depending on their age!
Proper nutrition is essential at all stages of woman’s life, in childhood, reproductive age and at the elderly age.
In childhood, calcium is necessary and it is very well absorbed by the body too, compared with all other ages. In order for the calcium to be properly absorbed we must have sufficiency of vitamin D, which apart from the sunlight there can be found in mushrooms, eggs and fish. Apart from milk, good sources of calcium are broccoli and kale.
Iron is essential for the reproduction of blood cells, which is very important for women, especially in adolescence.
In the reproductive age, women are in the need for folic acid, which can be found in leafy vegetables. Vitamin B12 is essential for the normal development and function of the nervous system. It is located mainly in animal products. Οmega-3 fat acids have an important role in general and they can be found mainly in tallowy fish, such as the salmon, tuna, mackerel as well as in nuts.
Post-menopausal women that head into the elderly age, witness a change into their body nutrient.
Women should make sure they receive enough calcium, always in combination with vitamin D, to slow down the process of osteoporosis and reduce its risk.
Vitamin B12 is reduced while aging; therefore it is necessary to increase the consumption of foods containing it. Hence, essential foods are considered to be fish, red meat, eggs and fortified foods.

Women thank you for everything!

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