Greek saffron

According to specialists , apart from its great taste , Greek saffron , has many pharmaceutical properties duo to ingredients,picrocrocin and crocin. Moreover, it contains vitamin B-12 ,lycopene, vitamin C,iron,potassium and magnesium .
According to a research of the laboratory of General Chemistry of the Agronomic University of Athens in cooperation with the French Laboratoire de Spectroscopie Biomoléculaire, U.F.R de Pharmacie, the crocines , saffron’s stigmas contain , can prevent the multiplication of leukemic cells . Furthermore,
-it relieves stomach aces
-soothes kidney aces
-improves digestion
-ameliorates acne when used externally
-has antidepressant , antiaging , antioxidant and anticancer properties
-reinforces brain activity and memory
-reduces cholesterol and has antithromvosis properties
-reduces blood pressure
-beneficial to people that suffer from Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia
-helpful to people suffering from asthma attacks,PMS,nausea,digestive disorders .
-has aphrodisiac properties

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