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Mezedes… I always wanted to understand what exactly the mezedes were. In Greece it is also called ‘tsimpologima’, meaning a large variety of food, but in a small portion that is easily eaten before the main courses arrive.
When we visited Irodion, we tried -without exaggerating one bit- all of the mezedes that the restaurant had.
Octopus, ‘kolokithokeftedes’ (zucchini fritters), ‘tarama’ (fish roe dip), and fresh salads; these where some of the mezedes we had ordered. But when the main courses arrived, we were ecstatic! We ordered the beef fillet on the grill…it was just magical! From the way it was made with love, to the delicious taste of it. The second main course we ordered was an amazing greek ‘tsipoura’ (seabream), which was cooked with a Greek traditional recipe, and it was just out of this
Our night ended with a delicious ‘karidopita’ (Greek walnut cake with syrup), along with ice cream.
A special suggestion in a delightful restaurant.

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