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I accepted a very special proposal for my very good friend’s birthday, the invitation was simple and to the point: “You are invited to my birthday celebration tomorrow at 20.00, at Drakenburgstraat 3, Utrecht, at a restaurant called Mykonos.”
I had never been to this restaurant before, so I got on the internet and did some research on it. I looked up some information about it and the research helped me a lot. It is a Greek restaurant that has live music once every week.
Of course, when I came to realise that the day we would go would be the day with the live music, I was enthusiastic!
I arrived there on time, 20.00 on the dot! I admit that the look of the restaurant – with the bright blue colour dominating the place – and the waiter’s wide smile, travelled me straight to Greece.
It was true, the day we went there was live greek music and from the beginning I realised that it would have been a wonderful evening.
We ordered classical greek food, we ordered a ‘choriatiki’ salad, a potato salad with a classical greek recipe, feta cheese dip, moussaka, ribs, meatballs, and bulk Greek wine. Everything was wonderful, the ribs were an exquisite meze with a particular aroma and special taste, simple and delicious.
The moussaka which is known to all of us, was full of flavour and had wonderful herbs, something that made it stand out.
The music was for greek dancing and that caused us to dance. It was an amazing evening full of fun and we truly enjoyed it!
I recommend it unreservedly.

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