The peach is a fruit with a great taste and a characteristic colour. It also has a high water content. Almost 90% of all fruit are consisted of water and this makes them a good choice for those who take care of their skin, having an indirect effect on anti-aging effect. The peach is also rich in vitamin C, as a small cup of cut up peaches contains 10.2 mg vitamin C, meaning the 17% of the required daily intake of vitamins.
Also, the peach is rich in soluble fiber, which also help the gastrointestinal system to function better and can treat constipation. It also helps in the control the level of lipids in the blood, since it is known that the soluble fibers in fruits and vegetables contribute to it.
Your smoothies will be more delicious, cut the peaches in pieces and add them to your yogurt or grind them on a dairy ration.
You can also grind them with ice and make cool sorbets or to add them to your green salads since they pair beautifully with rocket and give special touches to your plate.
Greece produces annually from 300,000-1,000,000 tons depending on, what is obvious, the spring frosts. Our country is the largest exporter of compost peaches in the world. Greece holds the 5th place in the world in exporting peaches and the 3rd place in Europe. In Greece it is widely cultivated in Macedonia, and more specifically in the prefectures of Imathia and Pella.

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