Restaurant Nikos Food Blog

A really good friend of ours invited us to a Greek restaurant on Amsterdamsestraatweg 751, in Utrecht. It was called Restaurant Nikos.
It sounded like a really good idea because we had heard a lot about the cuisine of this specific restaurant and it was a good chance for us to try it out. It was a sunny day so we decided to sit outside and it was really a delight!
We ordered a feta with caramel that was inside cataifi, a traditional Greek feta with a particular twist. It was a different and delicious appetizer which really made the taste of the feta stand out. In order to approach the Greek culture we ordered a “choriatiki” salad and a special meze that we love, our favourite dolmadakia. We really enjoyed our appetizers and for our main course we ordered the roasted salmon to boost our immune system, but we also ordered the mix grill because we heard the best about it. They were truly delicious, the gyro we had in the mix grill was exquisite. The combination of the herbs and the perfect roasting really took our plate to another level.
We accompanied our dinner with a splendid Greek wine with a fruity aroma that the staff recommended to us.

For dessert, we followed our greek friend’s suggestion and we chose the yogurt with honey. I had never thought of choosing yogurt as a dessert after a meal, but it truly created a sense of completeness and we really did complement our meal with the best way!

A particular proposal with particular flavours.


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