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The day has arrived! We had arranged along with our colleagues from work to go out for lunch. We said we would meet at STEFANOS, which can be found on Volderstraat 8, Wijk bij Duurstede. Most of the people sitting at the table had visited the restaurant before, I had not.
The moment I entered the restaurant I was immediately struck by the decor. And in particular with the olive tree which was planted in the middle of the restaurant. Such an unusual and unique decoration!
And after the decor of the restaurant had won me over, it was time for us to choose our food. It was a tough choice, everything looked delicious. Finally we ended up choosing:
-The keftedakia, with a particular decor which you longed to try, so fluffy and delicious. The combination with the refreshing tzatziki really made the dish stand out!
-The burger with salmon that a colleague picked out really sparked everyone’s interest, it smelled delicious and from what we learned, it was great!
We left from the restaurant with the best impressions.Truly, it is really worth trying every single dish on the menu!

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