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And as the afternoon arrived, the time was around 17.00, we wanted to try something unique, well cooked but also light.

We arrived outside of THALASSA which is on Bloemenmarkt 7-9, in Roosendaal, and we preferred it so we could try out the widely known Greek cuisine.

We chose as appetisers Greek feta, an aromatic and freshly cut salad, salmon rolls, scallops gratiné, buttered shrimps, mussels “saganaki”, and for the main course we chose sea bream. Exquisite! It was an an amazing and very special dinner. We had never tried scallops before, and beside the flawless aesthetics of the dish, we were impressed by the smell of freshly cut herbs and the extra virgin olive oil that was accompanying it. The buttered shrimps were perfectly cooked and the butter’s aroma took them to another level. When the mussels were brought to the table, steam was still coming out and they matched perfectly with the rest of the dishes that we had chosen. The sea bream completed our meal and what impressed us was that it was perfectly cooked!

The wine we picked out was Greek, a white dry wine from the Alpha estate, which perfectly matched with our meal.

An elegant proposition for a Greek seafood meal that will provide our organism with a protein of high biological value, iron and vitamin B12, partly substituting meat and its products.

And delicious and healthy! Enjoy!

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