Rhodos Food Blog

It was pouring rain the day we decided to visit Rodos on Veesstraat 10,Tiel.

We were acquainted with the restaurant and we had heard wonderful things about it, but we never had the chance to visit.
The day had arrived! It was a well maintained and charming restaurant where each of its corners would travel you to Greece. That day was quite tiring, but honestly once we visited Rodos, it helped us calm down and enjoy its warmatmosphere.
A gourmet version of the well-known -to all of us- souvlaki accompanied with gyros, a roasted salmon with barley, and a risotto with vegetables -for our vegan friend- were some of the dishes that accompanied our evening.

The juicy souvlaki that I ordered was so delicious that I can still taste it in my mouth. Even though our friend is not a big fan of sweets, she couldn’t resist eating the strawberries with ice cream.
An amazing evening, in a harmonious place.

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