Crete is the largest and most populous of all the Greek islands and the 5th largest in the
Mediterranean area. It is famous for its high quality products, countless wines, and large number of notable cheeses.
One of the most famous and notable cheeses is the “staka” which is a dairy product, something between cheese and yogurt. After milking, we skim the cream (chips) from the milk and salt them slightly. When we’ve gathered a large amount of the cream, we heat it up for many days on a low fire and we add a small amount of flour. This way, we separate the proteins from the fat. The white and gel mass of the proteins is the staka. It has a whitish or yellowish colour with an intense milk taste. It can be cooked with eggs, spaghetti, pilaff or with pites, while it can also be consumed raw as well such as tyrosalata. It used to be an exclusively domestic preparation, but today it is sold in stores with Greek products. The staka with eggs is a traditional local dish in Crete and it’s definitely worth a try!

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